Josipović: when Jay-Z meets Ibrahimović

"Look guys, one in every pocket" ©Ivo Josipović

Obama was so 2009.

Check out Ivo Josipović’s résumé. The brand new Croatian president is a law professor and a composer. The man wrote some 50 compositions and collected a bunch of prizes (including a certain European Broadcasting award Google’s never heard of). His Wikipedia page also credits him for being “a promising football player” as a teenager.

Anything you can do, he can do better.

The man has a serious network too. Compliments to the campaign video clip he did with a bunch of fellow Croatian artists including a rapper named Shorty and a guy who painted his fingernails black and plays air drums, air violin and air golf all in 3 minutes.

Josipović’s election is presumably a good sign for Europe. He told he would “contribute to quicker accession”. There’s a couple of things to take care of first like a little fight against corruption and a border dispute with Slovenia.

But nothing is impossible for a former football player with a musical ear. What do you say Slaven Bilić?


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