Spicing up my old Football Manager

"Football I've got you under my skin" Frank Sinatra ©jurvetson (Flickr)

The good thing with 2009 is I could spend hours reading the adventures of Pro Vercelli on the Run of Play. I remember passing by the actual town of Vercelli this summer and thought of stopping by. Maybe I could visit the Naming Rights Stadium or get an autograph from the Ferj.

The bad thing with 2009 is the Pro Vercelli saga stopped.

I think it’ll take time before anyone else entertain me like that with this marriage-breaker thing that is Football Manager.

That’s why I started a new game myself, with my own Euro-fanatic ideas. Think Arsenal is a Tower of Babel? Imagine having a team consisting of 1 and only 1 player from each and every EU member state. I’m using my old version of Football Manager 2005 and I’ll take the reins of my dear RC Lens team. A team past her prime that once beat Arsenal in Wembley and inflicted its worst ever UEFA competition loss to SS Lazio Roma. Course I needed a big name to manage the team. I’ll go living dead style to pay a little tribute to Paul-Henri Spaak, one of the pilgrim fathers of the European Union.

Back in the days the team looked pretty good with a great number of African players (a long tradition here in Lens). It hurt to do so but I had to sell the likes of Seydou Keita, Daniel Cousin or John Utaka. What I got in return is an intriguing squad.


Bogdan Lobont (Romania)

Nikki Mäenpää (Finland – was already at the club)


Sébastien Pocognoli (Belgium)

Teddy Lucic (Sweden)

Zander Diamond (Scotland – UK)

Zdenek Pospech (Czech Republic)

Ragnar Klavan (Estonia)

Giorgios Pelagias (Cyprus)

Pablo Amo (Spain)

Martin Petras (Slovakia)


Alou Diarra (France – already at the club but nothing near to the player he is now)

Mark Van den Boogaart (Netherlands)

Jürgen Säumel (Austria)


Emil Gargorov (Bulgaria)

Sebastian Deisler (Germany)

Jan Kristiansen (Denmark)

Aiden McGeady (Ireland)

Zoltan Böör (Hungary)

René Peters (Luxembourg)

Joao Moutinho (Portugal)

Tomas Tamoshauskas (Lithuania)


Maris Verpakovskis (Latvia)

Maciej Zurawski (Poland)

Georgios Samaras (Greece)

Alessio Cerci (Italy)

Dragan Jelic (Slovenia)

My goal is to win the Championship League by the time I catch up with the present (the game starts in July 2004).

Next on Euro Lens: how I made the Top 5 in my first season at Lens.

PS: I know – no Malta players. The only who actually exists in this game preferred to stay in Lillestrøm…


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